Basics of Trail Riding

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Erin Fairgrounds, Dundas Street West, Erin

Basics of Trail Riding with Karen Dallimore

Trail riding season will soon be here. Are you ready?

Come join us for a 3-hour Basics of Trail Riding clinic on Sunday, May 28 to find out more! This is all part of day 2 of Horse Day Erin.

Whether you and your horse are new to trail riding or have a few seasons under your belt, the same preparation goes into having an enjoyable and safe ride for yourself, your horse, and your trail buddies. For some, this will be a good refresher and a chance to get your horse out early in the season. For others, this may be new ground. All are welcome.

We’ll be working entirely in the North Ring at the Erin Fairgrounds in a securely fenced area. The pace will be slow – we’ll talk about that too. The group in the clinic won’t be much different than the assorted mixture of fellow trail riders you’re likely to ride with on the trail. The morning group will be in the ring from 10 am to 1 pm; the afternoon group will run from 2 pm to 5 pm.

You’ll bring your horse into the ring in hand, tacked up and ready to ride and we’ll take three hours with each group to have a look at your gear, review your skillset in hand and under saddle, talk about riding in a group, and approach and negotiate some typical introductory level obstacles that simulate what you may see on the trail.

We’ll talk about what your horse needs as well as what you need before, during and after the ride. It’s a social event for them too!

Have you taken the time to get your horse fit and prepared? What tack do you want to use? Is your horse suited to your needs? What gear do you need to carry with you? What basic skills does your horse need before you even head out? What skills do you need to ride safely with others? Do you know trail etiquette - how to look after your riding partners, other trail users and the trail itself? Are you prepared to deal with a misadventure? We’ll answer these questions and more.

If you have any more questions, ask away? I'm the clinician. The cost is $40 per person. To sign up please contact the host, Debra Moore, well-known for organizing the Trail Ride for Breast Cancer. You can reach her by email at