Are you familiar with Extreme Cowboy Racing?

As many of you know I'm involved in Extreme Cowboy racing here in Ontario. As a founding member of Ontario Extreme Cowboy (OXC) I have supported the club through the entire journey both on the board and in the show pen. I developed and coordinated the OXC Rookie Series for four years, taking Open Rookie Champion title in 2016 with our Sweet Grass Tatti. In 2017 her son, Sweet Grass Jake, earned the OXC Green Horse Champion buckle in the sanctioned shows and now, Tatti's youngest son, Nemo, has had his first win in 2022. I obtained my Level 1 EXCA Judge's Card in 2022.

What is Extreme Cowboy racing? It turns out it's not all that extreme but it sure is fun! Imagine you are going to a job interview to work on a ranch. I know, we don't have a lot of 'ranches' here in Ontario, so you may just be in an English saddle, but anyway, just go along with me...

The Judge is the Ranch Boss; your run is your interview. He or she is looking for someone who has a handy horse that can complete a series of obstacles in an arena that will demonstrate some working skills, negotiating the obstacles with ease as if you've done them a thousand times, making a bit of time so he or she knows if they hire you that the working day won't go on forever. You'll need to be able to ask your horse to do some stuff you maybe didn't imagine to show that you are a thinking cowboy or cowgirl and to let the judge know that you and your horse are a team - your horse trusts you.

Are you with me so far? 

While it's exciting to watch the Professional levels at the Calgary Stampede or the World Championships in Texas, there's a whole lot of fun at every level, right from leadline to Pro. The bonus is that by following the EXCA (Extreme Cowboy Association) rules and guidelines, you will be developing your ride with consistency with an eye on moving up through the divisions, if you wish to do so.

The important thing to remember it's not all about speed. The best runs are the most efficient runs, at any level. You are being timed but you are also being scored on your horsemanship and capability. Get good first, then get fast. 

I'm all about building a solid foundation. If you want to know more about Extreme Cowboy racing or how to get started I can help! For those already started I can help you to strategize your run to build your performance. Contact me for more details about how you and your horse can get involved in Extreme Cowboy Racing in Ontario.

Let's Ride!

Private or semi-private lessons are available with one of our horses or you can bring your horse to Sweet Grass Farm near Orton. Call or text for more information 519-855-1127, e-mail or contact me through my Horse Basics or Sweet Grass Farm page on Facebook.