Training for Horses and Their Handlers
What are you doing with your horse this year?
Horse Basics is a service I provide to help to define and achieve your goals, whether it is learning more about training and horse care or just about building a  better relationship with your horse.

Located near Orton, Ontario, I work with many different breeds and disciplines, with a keen interest in classical horsemanship, recreational trail, Extreme Cowboy racing, handling and behaviour. I've been helping people enjoy their horses since 1983, finding many little things that have been passed over or not clearly explained in your horsemanship journey so far. Lessons can be simply finding the right equipment, saddling and bridling, or leading and longeing. You're not alone but you can feel that way when you try to find simple answers to everyday questions.

I hold my Theory of Coaching Levels 1 (1985) & 2 (2001) from the National Coaching Certification Program and Western Rider 1 (2008) and 2 (2013) from Equine Canada under the mentorship of Pat Carter. I am also a Level 1 EXCA (Extreme Cowboy Association) judge.

Here at Sweet Grass Farm, we have bred our own Paints, with our broodmare SR Hot Lady of D Nite,  earning 2013 Overall High Point Halter horse with the Ontario Pinto Horse Association. Her yearling son, Sweet Scotch Man (Spike), went Reserve, showing against all older horses. They have both earned their ROE in Pinto Halter. Sweet Grass Nemo, by Scotch Bay Time out of Sweet Grass Tatti, has been competing in Extreme Cowboy, earning his first win in October 2022, while Tatti's older son, Sweet Grass Jake, by My Painted Black Jack, earned Ontario Extreme Cowboy High Point Green Horse in 2017 and we're now exploring cattle work.

Horse Basics Programs

Horse Basics instruction is available on an individual basis in our bright 70 x 140 indoor arena or, weather permitting, our 100' x 200' grass ring.  Lessons can be private or semi-private if you want to work with a friend. 
Ship-ins for lessons and Sweet Grass Obstacle Park use (using your own horse) will run from May through to November, weather permitting. We have  limited access in the winter but lessons are still available in our indoor arena, using our herd.
What can you learn? You may want to consider learning more about these topics:
Longing - everyone assumes you know how to do this, right? They also assume that the horse knows too. 
Leading - it's good to develop some good habits and get the right equipment to keep you, your horse, and others safe.
Ground driving or line driving - typically used for early work on a riding or driving horse, you'll be surprised at the depth of skills involved and how you can use them.
Showmanship - if you want to 'get to your horse's feet', there's no better way than through developing showmanship skills.  It's not just about the bling.
In-hand obstacle work - this is where it all starts: on the ground, for all ages of horses.
Goal setting - making SMART goals means you're more likely to achieve success by setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely objectives.
Obstacle work - you can learn the basics in the off season that apply across several disciplines involving obstacles so you'll be ready when your chosen competition or recreational trail season arrives.

As always, I’m available to help you give your foals or green horses a good start with the Horse Basics Kindergarten (basic social skills and manners), Junior Public School (preparation for backing) and Senior Public School (walk/trot under saddle) programs. I’m also available to consult regarding management and husbandry, from basic horse care to facility design to foaling and to do some troubleshooting, filling in the gaps that may be hindering your progress.   

What can I offer you and your horse for 2024? 
Private or small group sessions.
Insured, professional and ready to help you enjoy your horse.
Let this be the year you achieve your dreams!
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Make Your Dreams Your Goals