Freelance Writing ~ Agriculture & Equiculture

I'm a Horseback Writer. I write; I farm; I ride. If I could figure out how to balance a laptop on the saddle horn I'd likely give it a try, draining my computer battery while re-charging my own. 

Are you looking for a writer? Visit my Horseback Writer page. I've been scribbling about agriculture and equiculture since 2002, offering professional writing services anywhere you need a pen - newspaper and magazine articles, website content, letters, memoirs, portfolios - you name it. Let me show you how I can make your ideas into compelling reading.

For my thoughts from the saddle and some writing samples please visit my blog The Whinny or to read about our Paint colts, Jake, Spike, and Nemo, as they grow up, read Jake's Journal

Questions or comments? Call me at 519-855-1127, send an e-mail anytime to or find me on Facebook or twitter @HorsebackWriter.
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Member of:

Eastern Canada Farm Writers' Association (former Communications Coordinator & VP)
Canadian Farm Writers' Federation (former ECFWA Regional Representative)
Ontario Xtreme Cowboy Association (former Director; Rookie Race Coordinator)
Canadian Recreational Horse and Rider Association (member)
Ganaraska Conservation Authority (member)

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