Basics of Cowboy Obstacles

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Erin Fairgrounds, Dundas Street West, Erin

Are you interested in learning more about negotiating Cowboy Obstacles with your horse? Come and join us for this one day clinic, generously held in conjunction with Horse Day Erin 2023 at the Erin Fairgrounds. There will be a series of obstacles for you and your horse to explore and negotiate in the North Ring, under the guidance of Karen Dallimore, Level 1 EXCA judge and obstacle coach. The morning session, from 10 to 1, will be at an introductory level where you will be guided through how to approach and negotiate some fun everyday obstacles that you may come across on the trail, at home, or in the show pen. In the afternoon, from 2 to 5 pm, you will have a chance to find out more about extreme cowboy racing, how it works, how to challenge your performance a bit with thoughts of possibly competing at the Erin Fair Extreme Race in October or elsewhere, and we'll cap off the day with some mock runs. There's no pressure, just have some fun! Both sessions will give horses and riders just the right amount of interesting information. If you're new to obstacles, you'll learn how to negotiate them from scratch. If you've done this before, you'll get some tips on how to improve your performance. The cost for the full day is $95 per horse and rider team. Please be prepared to pay an entrance fee to the grounds of $10 for adults which gives you additional access to all of the Horse Day Erin events that day. Proof of liability insurance through CRHRA, OE or equivalent is required. To find out more and sign up, simply send an email to karen.dallimore (@) to let me know you're interested. I'll give you more information and answer your questions. Payment by e-transfer is required to hold your spot, since space will be limited.