Working the Cow Flag with Greg Crispin

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Sweet Grass Farm, Orton, ON

This clinic is for those learning how to start your horse on a cow flag or for those who are familiar with the flag and wanting a tune-up. Greg will be helping to teach your horse to rate the flag like they would a live cow, stopping in time with the flag, the draw back and turn, and overall timing to be in the right position when working a cow. The flag is also a great tool to practice speed control and roll backs for other events, such as ranch riding and reining. Greg is a trainer, coach, and competitor in reined cow horse, cutting, and ranch riding. Greg trains horses of all ages in these events and coaches students ranging from beginners to Ontario and North American competitors. He and his students have had success in the Ontario show pen as well as in numerous regional and North American year-end awards and finals. There will be something for all experience levels. Cost for this one-day clinic is $160 which includes lunch and HST. Please contact Karen at 519-855-1127 (cell/text) for more information or to register. Prepayment is required to hold your spot.