Saddle Fitting with Britt Blakely

Sweet Grass Farm, Orton, ON

Bring your horse or just yourself for a session with Western Saddle fitter Brittany Blakely of Britt's Corner Tack. Based in Grand Valley, Ontario, Britt has spent over five years working with saddle makers, suppliers and knowledgeable horsemen as the manager of a tack store in Alberta. She's back home now and has set up her own shop with a 30' trailer that brings cinches, headstalls, breast collars, bits, spurs, spur straps, splint boots, and quality used saddles right to your barn. She carries lines that include Classic Equine, Professional Choice, Cuttin' Up saddle blankets, OxBow and Cow Person tack and Stray Dog saddles, as well as a full line of Hansbo ceramic/magnetic therapeutic products. Fittings are $50 per horse and are typically one hour in duration which includes evaluation with a Port Lewis impression pad. Auditors are welcome, $10 each. Britt's trailer will be available for shopping too! This event will be held indoors. Refreshments will be available. RSVP with prepayment is required. For more information please call/text Karen at 519-855-1127.