Ontario Horse Racing Industry - A Letter to our MPP

 Feb. 21/12
Dear Mr. Arnott,
I am very concerned about the proposed changes to the slots revenue sharing put forth in the Drummond report. The report calls the present arrangements "unsustainable". I call them "successful".
I earn my living from the horse industry: I am a freelance writer for agriculture and equiculture, which allows me to understand the strong chemistry that exists between the two. Just this week I have written an article about the Standardbred O'Brien Awards. I also breed and train horses and use horses for recreational purposes, and I own a farm where we grow our own hay. My life revolves around horses and I enjoy the strength of the horse industry in Ontario that brings an income as well as such great personal enjoyment.
I don't believe that the Liberals should be salivating over horse racing, threatening to tear apart a success story of which they should be proud.
You're not afraid to stand up for us. Please help.
Kind Regards,
Karen Dallimore
Feb 24/12
Dear Ms. Dallimore:
Thank you for taking the time to write to me.  I appreciate receiving
your views on this issue.
The equine industry has a significant presence in Wellington-Halton
Hills.  I would guess that many hundreds of my constituents in
Wellington-Halton Hills are employed in the industry.  It is an
important component of the economy of rural Ontario.  While I firmly
believe that the Government of Ontario needs to get its spending under
control, I do not believe that this should include measures which would
devastate the horse racing industry.  I view the current funding
arrangement, not as a subsidy, but as an agreement between the industry
and the Government which allowed for the installation of slot machines
at race tracks -- an agreement which the Government should continue to
honour.  If the McGuinty Government accepts the recommendations with
regard to horse racing in the Drummond Report, it would
disproportionately impact rural Ontario.
On February 22, I was at the rally on the front lawn of Queen's Park to
show my support for the horse racing industry.  I want to continue to
speak out on this issue and want to ensure that Ontario's horse racing
industry remains strong and vibrant for many years to come.
Thanks again for your email.
Ted Arnott, MPP
Wellington-Halton Hills
Phone: 416-325-3880
Fax: 416-325-6649

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