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A good friend of mine returned from her summer holidays today. Her Facebook entry went something like this; "Just returned from holidays today and rode my gelding. He didn't buck me off after ten days off." No mention about where she went on holidays or how she enjoyed her time away. I'm concerned about her and the possibility that she may have a horse addiction.
I have to admit, I don't even take vacations. I don't want to be away from 'the kids'. Two years ago we voted to spend a 'vacation budget' on harness and a cart and driving lessons with our pony. It's bad.
The first step to a cure is to admit you have a problem, and I'm sure there are tell-tale signs that point to addiction.
Do you cluck to your car when you pull out to pass someone?
Do you always keep a helmet in the car in case you get a chance to ride?
Do your holidays revolve around horse events?
Does any interesting tidbit that someone tells you in a social setting immediately relate back to how it may apply to horses?
Have you ever jolted yourself awake by dodging a kick in your dreams?
Do you lose sleep after a bad ride, trying to figure out how to make it better?
When I started riding as a little kid I used to wear my cowboy boots to school, which was not really an acceptable style in Scarborough but I didn't care. I still think that living next to the old Woodbine racetrack as a toddler was an early source of my addiction.
Send me your thoughts on this one. You know you're a horse addict when __________.
BTW, I've already accepted the fact that I don't want to be cured.

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