Fixin' Things

There's usually not much incentive to fix things that aren't broken. If things are going well, why change? Sometimes it's fun to explore new things just out of curiosity, but I'm the type that needs a purpose for motivation. There has to be a need or frankly, I'd rather be out there enjoying the woods with my favourite horse. 
The first step to finding a solution is to notice that there is a problem. In my car, if there's a funny noise it means I have to turn down the radio before I'll hear it. Lately I've been listening to Pat Parelli audio tapes so if my wheel intends to fall off I sure won't hear it coming - I'll be out herding cattle with some legendary horsemen in my mind and I might not even notice a limp until the guy in the car next to me starts waving and pointing.
But what if I do notice there's a problem?
I can ignore it.
I can hope it gets better by itself. 
I can create all kinds of interesting and scary scenarios in my mind of what will happen when the wheel falls off.
I can convince myself that it's the stupid car and absolve myself from any responsibility in the creation of the problem.
I can quit driving and stay home (more riding time...).
I can fix it myself (yeah, right).
I can call the mechanic and get some help from a professional.
I can take my cell phone and CAA membership and just plan on spending time on the shoulder of the road someday, hopefully when it's not below freezing.
So yes, there are always options to solve any problem. Take your pick.
What do I do? I get my car regularly maintained by a professional, fix anything that may cause an issue before the next scheduled oil change, get him to notice oddball things or potential problems that I may not notice, and drive around knowing that I have done all that I can to prevent a wreck. It's called being proactive, and it gives me peace of mind.
Why not do the same with our horses?

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