Using the Herd

It takes a herd to raise a horse. What's interesting is being able to use the herd to tackle different issues. 
Young Jake has become a bit of a punk. His  step-dad, Cody, is the boss of the herd. He's 16 hands high, a plump 1300 pounds, and acts like a football linebacker: immovable. We call him 'The Rock'.Tatti, his real mother, is the boss mare. She is a bit of a loner and doesn't take crap from anyone, except Cody, of course. So young Jake thinks he's invincible. He imitates both of them at various times and it's interesting to watch him try out new behaviours. The only problem is that he hasn't earned the right to such a position in the herd. He starts taking for granted that he can push everyone around - the ponies and his weanling friend Spike - and they can't stand up to him.
Enter: Holly.
So for three nights, young punk Jake slept in the shed with Holly and Spike. I don't think he slept much though. Although she'd never hurt him, Holly doesn't take any crap and Jake respects her. By the end of three nights young Jake was gumming to Gypsy, the welsh pony. You could almost hear him: "I'll do whatever you want, curtsy to the queen, kiss the pony, anything, just let me spend the night with mom & dad again. Pleeeeeeze?!"
I would like to thank the herd for their input. It sure makes it easier than having to expain the word 'punk' and the concept of 'respect' to a joyful young lad.

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