Jake joins the herd

As usual, it's a happy accident that things happen. I was hesitant to put wee Jake in with the rest of the herd, not because of what might happen to him, since the other horses are very good with a foal, but because of what Tatti might do as the overprotective viper mother. Apparently I need not have worried. They were all together one morning this week after they breached the gate between their yards. No harm done. Jake is very independent and has been well-received by the others, and at 6 weeks has come to an age where Tatti is not quite as protective. Phew! 
He's had a halter on once this week, leading easily around a large pen while Tatti ate hay. He's incredibly easy to train. He's used to me touching him all over and his next lesson will be picking up his feet. I'll want to get him leading with someone leading Tatti around after that, with the eventual goal of being able to pony him with his mother so I can get back to riding her a bit.
Jake has grown quite a bit and his knees are a bit wobbly at times as he gets used to the constant growth, so while he's interested in the little bit of grain he can nibble from Tatt's tub before he puts his foot in the tub and spills it all, I'm not creep feeding him yet. He can take his time growing and she's a good milker.

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