Growing like a weed

If you stand next to him long enough you can almost hear Jake growing. He wears a pony size halter now and he's been good about leading. Twice now he's lied down when I picked up his front foot. He just lies there, having a little nap, playing possum. I'm glad he's experimenting with this now and not when he's 500 lbs. I've been 'tying' him by looping the rope around a solid fixture in the barn and he's been good so far, about ten minutes at a time. He's also been on the trailer several times by himself, wandering in and out as the rest of the herd grazed around and explored the trailer with him. It's a little hard on the paint but it's worth it for him to see the others so relaxed - he looks to the others for their thoughts on everything before making up his own mind, and Jake's lucky to be surrounded by a pretty laid back group.
It will soon be weaning time - I'm aiming for 5 months. Jake is happy to stay with the herd while I ride his dam in the yard. I wouldn't test this too far yet but I'll gradually increase her time away from him so that weaning won't be a big deal. One of his favourite games is to come into the barn and run off with one of the saddle pads in his mouth, laughing all the way.
Jake wants to dress up as an Appaloosa for Hallowe'en. Kids.