Summer School for Horses

Both Jake and Spike have been pretty busy so far this summer. 
Spike has shown twice so far with his mother Holly along too. They're both showing halter so it is working really well. Gotta say, it's a real treat to have two fine, well-behaved horses. It is like showing is in their genes. 
Spike's learning about having baths, standing still for longer periods of time than he ever thought was necessary, clippers, hair gel, and having one of those lycra slinkies to hold down his mane. He never even budged when I clumsily put the hood on him, covering his eyes and nose for what I thought was quite a long time while I sorted it out. He's been a trooper for most of it, though he would gladly skip the bath part. He loads and trailers really well. We've got some work to do on the wigglies in the actual class, but he settled well in the warm-up pen at the last show, giving me a glimpse of what he can do.
Then there's Jake. He thinks he should be wearing a Superman cape. His favourite question, after "can I chase the ponies?" is, "how can I make this (whatever task is in front of him) more exciting?" He's always been a bit of a playful type, and now that he has started kindergarten my mission is to apply discipline to a prankster. 
So far he's had a snaffle bit in twice, which appeals to his need to put everything in his mouth, and he thinks nothing of the surcingle. We've started longing, using word commands that I must have taught him somewhere in his childhood, and he's pretty good at stopping and standing square. The challenge comes when he mistakenly believes that he rules the world and starts throwing his shoulder at me. A crop now defines my personal space and so far, he respects this new rule. 
My goal for Jake this summer is longing and ground driving, eventually over obstacles.
For Spike, he's got a few more Paint and Pinto shows before the Paint Futurity in September.
The two boys are night and day.