Puck Face Smile

Yesterday young Spike, now towering over me at 15.2, comes over with blood smeared on that big white nose. "Oh, Spike, what have you done?" He sucked up a fair bit of cooing and fuss, loving every minute of it, but I couldn't find anywhere he had cut himself. He was calm, happy and bright.
Hmm, so who was bleeding? 
I should have known: Jake. It was Jake's blood; he was just using Spike as a Kleenex.
Blood was dripping from his mouth. My first thought was, he'd been kicked in the head. Holly was in heat and young Jake, Jake the gelding, seems to fancy himself as a casanova. There weren't any marks on his face though? But blood was dripping from his lips...
With thumb and forefinger I gently parted his lips to find one of his baby teeth contorted to look like a dew claw on a dog's leg. It was clear that it wouldn't be any good for biting his buddy Spike anymore. The next two teeth over didn't look much better but at least they were still in place, although a little crooked.
It seems that Jake is in a hurry to grow up and decided it was time to shed some more baby teeth. I say some more because he managed to knock one out on the other side before he was even a year old. He's just that kind of guy, always getting in some kind of trouble. 
I just rode Jake for the first time last Saturday. One lap around the arena, until his buddy Cody started being a jerk. Nothing like having your calm, steady riding horse setting a bad example, so I got off while I still had full control of the decision. Jake was very good. As a matter of fact, the little prankster has been a star with his training so far. He's longing, ground driving, and learning to hang out in the arena while I work others. He's not done a thing wrong.
Except get in trouble with the gang.
The vet came today and cut away three teeth that had been dislodged. Apparently his permanent teeth should come in fine, eventually, but in the meantime he looks a little like Dougie Gilmour without his retainer. Puck face. Gotta love the little prankster.
I only wish I knew how he did the damage but he won't 'fess up. It's hard to know how to prevent something like that from happening again when you don't know how it happened in the first place.
At two-and-a-half he was due to lose his first baby teeth anyway, but not like that!
I wonder how much the tooth fairy will leave for the three teeth?