What's Going On?


2018 has been an interesting year so far and I believe the best is yet to come.

Last year I wrapped up my association with Ontario Extreme Cowboy, running the fourth and final year of the very popular Rookie Racing series. The association has come of age and I look forward to seeing it evolve and staying involved as a member.

I was competing too, earning the 2017 OXC Green Horse Champion buckle with Sweet Grass Jake, our homebred gelding. We've been working on our act all winter in preparation to show at the Intermediate level and we're looking forward to an exciting year.

Our Sweet Scotch Man - 'Spike' - had a challenging year with lameness issues but he's doing okay now. Not great, but good. He has taught me to enjoy every day. Every...single...day.

Then there's Sweet Grass Nemo. He'll be three in 2018, just full of himself and his place in his world. He's doing some ground driving and might end up under saddle a bit this year, but mostly just doing stuff. You know, interesting stuff. He did well with trailering and showing last year, just some local stuff. I was pleased with his sensibility. 

I went back to school again in the fall of 2017, this time taking an Animal Physiology course at the University of Guelph. I enjoy being around the bright minds and energy of the students and will likely return for another course in September.

Around the farm, we're looking forward to haying season once again. Let's see what Mother Nature will throw at us this year? Last year was rain. So much rain that first cut didn't get done until late July, although I feel pretty lucky that we got it done at all. Some didn't. 

And while I continue to write articles under my freelance business 'Words For Hire', I have also started up 'Horse Basics' again - training for horses and their handlers. I put it on the back burner six years ago to re-gain my amateur status to show Spike. I got my amateur card with APHA but I wasn't eligible to get one with Pinto since they have some strange rule that you can't be an amateur if you write for horse publications? I don't know where they pulled that from but in the end, it just wasn't worth it. I like to teach so that's what I'm going to do. I'm back. My Horse Basics Facebook page will be a place for polite conversation and a place to exchange ideas. Drop by for a visit.

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