What's Going On?

Well, it's 2017 and a New Year brings me back to old ways.

I stepped down from the Eastern Canada Farm Writers' Association after about 11 years of service to return to the University of Guelph in September 2016, enrolled as a part-time student, taking a third-year course called Research Methods in Agriculture. It's was an amazing adventure, 31 years after graduating, to return to school. I loved it! I have achieved a better understanding of the scientific process that will help me to decode science and bring it to a broad audience. 
Going back to school was the best thing I've ever done. Definitely, a successful adventure, opening my mind to a new generation of learning as well as opening the door to future classes. For now, though, it's back to writing full time, catching up on some orders that sat to the side for a while.

We said goodbye to our wonderful Paint mare, SR Hot Lady of D Nite, in November. She was a show champion of unrivaled beauty but unfortunately, her lameness was affecting her quality of life. Rest in peace, Holly, knowing that you were loved. She is the one having the foal in the photo above - our dear Spike.

Our homebred gelding Sweet Scotch Man - 'Spike' - earned his Pinto ROE (Register of Excellence) in halter this year with 199 halter points over his four-year show career. 

I have consolidated my businesses now. What used to be Words For Hire and Horse Basics will now come under one heading: Horseback Writer. I figure that title explains it all. I'm not really doing anything different, except that now I'm training my own horses instead of doing that for others and Sweet Grass Farm now cultivates 42 acres of lovely horse hay. Everything else remains the same. In the marketing world, they call it 'branding', although I don't think there is a hot iron involved? I am 'Horseback Writer'. You can find me on Twitter now too @horsebackwriter. Or on my horse...

If you have enjoyed any of my writing or photography, either on this site or in the papers and magazines and would like to share it with your readers, please contact me for affordable reprints or convenient links. All but two of the photos on this site are my own and I've got lots more. The Words For Hire store's always open for business!
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