Clyde Goes To Camp with Kateri Cowley

 Until two weeks ago, Clyde was just a young punk colt, minding his own business at the Turkey Run Ranch in Brussels. He started to get a bit suspicious that life might be going to change when his owners, Brian…

A Hollywood Mystery

There are things that the animal communicator told me about Holly that still bring a smile to my face, like how she enjoys a stall that is open and airy, or how she likes the smell of fresh pine shavings…

Touring the Keady Market

Keady Market – Since 1951
“If a gate’s closed, close it again. If it’s open, leave it open or you’ll get in trouble.” Those were the simple instructions given by Howard Greig as our group of farm writers from the…

EEE Update at Sept 3

While there have been seven confirmed cases of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) to date (Sept 2) within the counties of Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Frontenac and Lanark, additional suspicious deaths from progressive neurological diseases are being reported by veterinarians in those…

EEE Alert

As of August 20, 2014 there have been four cases of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) confirmed in Ontario. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) issued an equine health advisory in response to the death of a…

Horse Slaughter Bill C-571 Defeated

A private member’s bill introduced by NDP MP Alex Atamanenko “In the hopes of legislating severe restrictions on Canada’s horse slaughter industry” was voted down in the House of Commons on May 14, 2014. 

Bill C-571 sought to amend the …

Setting the Record Straight

I got a call last night from someone I hadn’t heard from in about 25 years. Not only was it unusual to hear from him but the reason for his call was unusual as well: he called to complain about…

The Ice Storm Cometh

Wendy Swackhamer has 17 horses and ponies, a Holstein heifer, a couple of sheep and some chickens. For her and many others, the 2013 ice storm meant slippery footing for her animals and limited access to water.
Wendy considers herself…

The Road To Tulsa

It was the old Gene Pitney song, ‘24 Hours From Tulsa’ that kept going through Karin Zawadowsky’s head as she drove through five states. The adventure seemed like a country song in the making itself. How on earth did her…

Call to Action for Ontario Racing

Ontario Horse Racing Industry Needs Our Input

What will Ontario horse racing look like in 2018? That’s the question that three former Cabinet Ministers – John Snobelin, Elmer Buchanan and John Wilkinson – are trying to figure out. They’re advisors…

Guy McLean


Guy McLean –  A Quiet Way With Horses and Words

April 16, 2013: Guy McLean and his horses have returned to the Priefert Ranch, his home base in Texas, after an incredible two and a half months on the road…


Getting Started On The Trail

I’m a trail addict. It’s something I can share with a good horse and good friends, enjoying the woods in all the seasons, but still get involved in competition while pushing my riding skills and horsemanship to higher levels.