Fat Head

 Well, his head's not really fat, just getting bigger. Jake now wears an adult horse halter, albeit at the shortest holes. He's growing up. Except in his withers, which have a long way to go yet before they catch up to his butt. 
We've not done much with the young lad this summer. That's one of the nice things about a yearling: it's okay just to let them grow up. No pressure. All we've done is come into the barn once a week to be tied, groomed and have his feet picked out. He's low maintenance!
I took him out for a trail ride with Tatti, his mother, this week. We were out for an hour and he was pretty darned good. It was interesting to watch his interest levels rise and fall over the course of the ride. There were times when he felt he should stop for a nap, then he'd perk up again. He saw the pond for the first time - it's fun to see the look of awe on his face when he experiences the world like that. He's learning to keep up, how to ride beside on the wide trails and trail behind on the narrow trails, and getting used to seeing deer and turkeys along the way. He's learning that there are times when it's okay to stop, look and sniff, but when he has to go, then he has to go. He's learning how to work.