Measuring up

Jake's 13.2 at the withers and 14.1 at the butt. He's been that way for about a month now, showing all kinds of growth that sometimes makes him a bit grumpy and often has him resting a leg while he's eating his dinner. If he'll end up at 15.2HH that means he's 87% there in front and 92% there behind. He weighs in at 310 kg or 685 pounds, which is about 57% of the 1200 pounds I expect him to reach as a full-grown lad. His rascally antics have slowed down a bit. He still bites once in a while but otherwise he's pretty nice to be around. I can brush him all over out in the yard and pick his feet, or bring him in by himself without any fuss. The next step is to start doing in-hand obstacles with him and I'd like to get ponying him again. His entertainment, besides just hanging out with his friends, is to chase old Blue around. She's a 33-year old Welsh pony who seems to enjoy the banter. He throws his tail in the air, trots around an bites her butt without taking as much as a hair, and she threatens to kick him but never does. It's fun to watch.
Not much else to report as we wait for Holly to foal. All eyes are on Holly.