Three months old

Jake has just turned three months old. So far he's been an easy keep (touch wood). I haven't led him as often as I should since he doesn't go in and out of a stall on a regular basis, but when I do lead him he comes along fairly well and stands to have the halter put on. It's a bit tricky to get it past his open mouth though. The foal halter is on the last hole now and I'll be searching the tack room for a new one this week.
He's well started on Buckeye Gro'N Win and a bit of oats that he eats out of a tub beside his mother in the evenings and he likes carrots well enough, but his palate hasn't extended to apples yet. He tried one the other night but it didn't hold his interest.
Not much else to report yet. He won't be showing at the Paint futurity since he's too young to wean and they won't allow the dam in the class. Norman, if you remember our Welsh Pony foal from last year, was showing at two months and again at four months of age with his mother, Gypsy, at his side. It was a great experience for all of us and a lot of fun.
We did some training on the obstacle course last night, showing Jake how to paw at the wooden bridge to check it out, all in preparation for loading on the trailer among other tasks. He has no trouble at all playing with plastic bags full of rattling cans, a soccer ball, walking across a carpet or through the rope gate, or walking over poles. I want to expose him to as much as possible while he enjoys the security of the herd around him. He's going to be confident, that's for sure!