Marching Madness 2021 Sponsors

Horse Basics Workshops & Clinics 

If you have any ideas of workshops you'd like to see or give here in 2021 season, give me a call or text to 519-855-1127. They have to be affordable, interesting, and fun! I encourage people who want to promote their equine services to host a workshop here - you present, I host. Call me for details. All of this, of course, will be structured around applicable Provincial Covid protocols; we reserve the right to make adjustments as required.

Workshops are demonstration events for people only. We use volunteer horses from our trusty Sweet Grass herd as required. Some of the workshops we've held in the past have included saddle fitting, ground driving, making a rope halter, goal setting, foaling and roping. 

Clinics will provide an opportunity to learn skills with your own horse in a variety of areas hosted by me or guest clinicians.
Click here on the events tab to see what we've got planned for 2021.

Private & Semi-Private Lessons 

Private or semi-private lessons are available with one of our horses or you can bring your horse to Sweet Grass Farm near Orton. I am an intermediate level rider with broad experience in handling, riding, showing and training. Read more here: who-am-i

If you're on Facebook, please ride on over to the Horse Basics page or to the Sweet Grass Farm page to see what's going on here at the farm. There we have some good, respectful discussions that you are welcome to join or ask questions to connect with some insightful horsemen and horsewomen. 

 Call or text for more information 519-855-1127, e-mail karen.dallimore (@) or contact me through PM on Facebook. 


Have you heard about Marching Madness? No? March is time to get off the couch and get out there with your horse. You simply had to record the time you spent ground working your horse. It could be longeing, showmanship, ground driving, liberty work, or just romantic walks. Whatever you do it just has to get you and your horse moving to the beat of some sort of plan. 
All you had to do was drop me a note and tell my your name and the horse you'll be hanging out with and report your time invested at the end of March to be eligible for some great prizes. The Marching Madness Facebook page provided daily inspiration and reports. Most kept a time journal and set some sort of goal  for the month, a specific task or two, or just a set amount of time to spend.  
It was that simple! And best of all, it was free to enter! 
The sponsor support was phenomenal. The person with the most time invested had first choice of prizes and so on until the prize table was empty. 

Congratulations to all participants!