Three months old

Jake has just turned three months old. So far he's been an easy keep (touch wood). I haven't led him as often as I should since he doesn't go in and out of a stall on a regular basis, but…Read more

First Trim

Jake had his first hoof trim this morning. We tried to do him last week but he played shy with the farrier so we left it another week so we could do some more handling with him. I've been picking…Read more

Jake joins the herd

As usual, it's a happy accident that things happen. I was hesitant to put wee Jake in with the rest of the herd, not because of what might happen to him, since the other horses are very good with a…Read more

July 14, 2011

 He's cutting his second set of incisors, top and bottom, at the moment. All the better to bite you with, as Dracula said...
Jake had his first 5 minute training session: halter on, halter off, halter on, halter off.…Read more

July 8, 2011

 I hope you will enjoy checking back here regularly for progress reports on this fine little lad. I'll keep you posted on his training and life in the herd.

Sweet Grass Jake was foaled June 9, 2011. He's a…Read more