Jake & Spike - The Dynamic Duo

Around 10:30 every morning the shenanigans start. Bite, rear, bite, chase, gallop, stop, circle, bite, rear. It goes on for about ten minutes then they have to stop to catch their breath before starting all over again. Sometimes they get…Read more

Fat Head

 Well, his head's not really fat, just getting bigger. Jake now wears an adult horse halter, albeit at the shortest holes. He's growing up. Except in his withers, which have a long way to go yet before they catch up…Read more

Jake Starts Kindergarten

Jake turned one year old on June 9. The nice thing about having a youngster is that their time is well spent growing and playing and they don't place a lot of demand on my training time. Until now. At…Read more

Measuring up

Jake's 13.2 at the withers and 14.1 at the butt. He's been that way for about a month now, showing all kinds of growth that sometimes makes him a bit grumpy and often has him resting a leg while he's…Read more

Who is this Tatti?

This isn't really about Jake, and yet it's everything to do with Jake. 
I don't know who his mother is anymore. She's not the same lazy lump I rode before the blessed event of motherhood overcame her and I…Read more

Jake is now a Weanling

I guess it's now official: Jake is a weanling. I mean yearling. I mean he no longer drinks milk (sorry, dairy farmers!). He's been off the nipple since March 18, at a little over 9 months of age.
In…Read more

Ice Days

 I understand now how a parent must feel when the kids have a snow day from school. The herd has had a long string of 'ice days' - the fields have been treacherous with ice and the horses have wisely…Read more

Out on the Trail

Jake's just cutting his third incisors on top at seven months of age but he's already an experienced trail horse. We pony him out with his dam, Tatti, and enjoy his company. 
Ponying a young colt is not for…Read more

Still sucking

Okay, I'm too soft for this weaning thing. He's still nursing but there have been a few changes.
I was pleased to have Tatti to comfort him through his gelding, so that was good. Since then he's had a…Read more

Good Stallions Make Great Geldings

Jake will be a great gelding. He had his castration surgery last week and all went well. He's nearly six months old but there was no point in waiting. The vet says that gelding early tends to make them a…Read more

Weaning Time

 Jake's quite ready for weaning at just over 5 months of age, and his dam is ready too. I'm trying what they call 'fenceline weaning' in the beef cattle trade: mother and son can see each other through safe fences…Read more

Growing like a weed

If you stand next to him long enough you can almost hear Jake growing. He wears a pony size halter now and he's been good about leading. Twice now he's lied down when I picked up his front foot. He…Read more